Upcoming Dental Courses in Bengaluru

Upcoming Dental Courses in Bengaluru



DentistryUnited Academy will be coming up with skill enhancement courses in Dental Implantology.

These courses are in additional to the existing courses in Orthodontics and Endodontics.

The courses will be launched in Bengaluru

SIlver Amalgam Restorations raise levels of mercury in the body, UGA study says

A study has been published on deleterious effects of Dental Restorations. We would not like to write more about it than just posting two links. One, to a news website of University of Georgia and another to the abstract of science direct.

University of Georgia News

Science Direct



Full Time Dentist’s Shortage In NewYork

According to a report from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, New York state may face a shortage of dentists as early as 2025, as demand is expected to far outpace supply, with 1,024 fewer full-time dentists than needed. This is expected to become the third highest state shortage in the country.

The state’s population is aging, and older adults generally have more dental needs than younger people. Further, compared to the elderly populations of the past, baby boomers generation have largely kept their natural teeth, which require more care than dentures.

A 2015 survey by the American Dental Association Health Policy Institute and Families USA found that 26 percent of New Yorkers are not visiting the dentist because of “trouble finding a dentist,” which is significantly higher than the 15 percent national average.


Maxillary Local Anaesthetic Injection Techniques – By Dr.Malamed

Local Anesthetic Techniques – Dr. Malamed