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  • Powder Cleans And Whitens Teeth As Nothing Else Can . -Spokesman-Review - Oct 31, 1933


Editorial :


Practice Management is a major issue which no dental school in "makes" it a "subject" compulsory to study. Most dentists learn "management" after "ages" spent in "mismanagement". Basically , learn by your mistakes ...but!! for a "price" . In this issue we  bring a wonderful paper on practice management .

Since team work is a part of Dental practice and most of us have a problem in "meetings" and "communications". I am sure the article in this issue makes team work easier.

Helping you make your practice easier is this edition of Dental Follicle.

I hope you enjoy this issue.


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News :


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Laughter - The Best Medicine :

Patient: Doctor, what does the X-ray of my head show?

Doctor: Absolutely nothing!






Team Meetings


Cathy Jameson



If your team meetings are not effective, productive, and creative, they are a waste of time. Your dental practice is a business, a healthcare BUSINESS.  As such, you must conduct meetings to assure the smoothness of your operation and to insure your growth. Scheduling this time for management and for communication is vital for success.


The two main types of meetings are (1) hierarchical in which one person is in authority and dictates to the members of the group the who, when, where, why, and how of each agenda item, and (2) horizontal in which the parameters are set by the "CEO", and then each member of the group is equally valued and is called upon to share ideas, input, and concerns. For the purposes of encouraging excellent teamwork, obviously, the latter is the preferred method of conducting a team meeting.


There are four main roles in a constructive team meeting. These roles and their main responsibilities are as follows:




This is the person in charge of the team meeting. (This role can be rotated among team members.)  The responsibilities of the facilitator are as follows:


a.        Produce an agenda, and have that agenda in the hands of each team member the day before the meeting.  

b.        Start on time, and stop on time.

c.         Keep on board with the agenda.

d.        Keep the meeting POSITIVE no "gripe" sessions.

e.        Keep the meeting MOVING.


2.     RECORDER.


a.        Take notes.

b.        Keep a file or a notebook of the notes for continuous reference and evaluation.




a.        Present topics for discussion to the facilitator prior to the meeting.

b.        Come to the meeting prepared (having the agenda in hand the day before the meeting affords this opportunity)

c.         Speak up !!  Offer ideas and suggestions.  Come prepared to participate.                  (No sitting on a log!!)


4.     DOCTOR.


a.        Set any necessary parameters or detail any necessary criteria, then step        back into the role of TEAM MEMBER.

b.        The doctor does maintain VETO power.


A group decision needs to be made as to when, where, how often, and how long team meetings will be. Team meetings should be held whenever it is best for you!  Weekly team meetings keep the whole team moving in the same direction and can stop small problems from growing into major conflicts. This regularity of team meetings also allows time for continuous education of the team. Training, education, and motivation are essential for continuous growth and for keeping the team focused on practice goals.


Meetings should be held when the team is fresh, either in the morning or at noon. Meetings should be held during paid time.


On the agenda, specific areas of concentration should be:


1.     REPORTS: 

a.        Production

b.        Collection

c.         New patient flow

d.        Inventory control

e.        Hygiene report

f.           Dentistry diagnosed/dentistry accepted



a.        Evaluation of already initiated projects

b.        Evaluation of systems



a.        Agenda items       

b.        Present problems or concerns:

        Write down the problem.

        Brainstorm possible solutions, or ways to do things better.  As a group, decide what will work best for you.

        Write down all suggestions.

        Discuss each idea.

        Make a "group decided" decision.

        Devise a plan for implementation, including:

a.)  What the plan is to be

b.)  Who is going to be responsible for the carrying out of the plan or each segment of the plan

c.)  The time frame for the completion of each segment of the plan

        Evaluate. Upon evaluation, you may find that the first solutions you proposed did work. That's OK.  Keep trying. Don't think that if you don't come up with a successful solution the first time that you should give up. Put your heads together and brainstorm other solutions. 


Any agenda items that are not discussed during the process of a regular meeting should be moved to the next agenda and placed in a position of priority. This way, everyone knows that his or her concern or desired topic of discussion is valued and will be covered.


Team meetings can, and should be, positive and fun!! These meetings are a special appointment set on a regular basis for the purpose of communicating and fine-tuning your business systems. Accelerate your business through effective team meetings.


VIDEO OF THE MONTH - Orthognathic Surgery Series









Powder Cleans And Whitens Teeth As Nothing Else Can .

Spokesman-Review - Oct 31, 1933

The Above is from the archieves of dentistry. Do read above what was the treatment for tooth whitenting.