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  •  Teeth Filled Without Pain . - Deseret News - Jul 11, 1896                                    


Editorial :


 With this issue we bring an end to the series of papers on practice management by Dr.Bhavana Doshi. Not only the dentists in United Kingdom , but as well, the rest of the globe would have surely gained a lot from the good practice management guru . The Number of hits we have been seeing in the previous months issues , right from December are witness of the success of these series of articles.

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News :

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Laughter - The Best Medicine :

Patient: Doctor, what does the X-ray of my head show?

Doctor: Absolutely nothing!






Why most Advertising doesn’t work? -2

By Dr.Bhavna Doshi. BDS (Lon).


Dr Bhavna Doshi is an international lecturer, who has worked extensively with the National Media including Extreme Makeover UK.  She is the CEO of Dental WEALTH Builder, which primarily focuses on Practice Productivity, Cost-Effective Marketing and Growth Strategies.

Cutter-free environment

Advertising today is almost like hitting a battle-zone. The sheer number of adverts that clutter the market place are breath-taking. This is a common disaster for much advertising. It is almost like trying to get your voice heard in a crowd of giants all shouting. I believe if you can avoid the battle zone, do so.

Plan to position your advertising in a place where there are not many others. This requires creativity, imagination and knowledge of your market. But it can be done.

Creating the “hook” factor

Most ads I see are portraying very wistful thinking. Dentist falsely believe that by spending more on advertising or making their ads bigger and more glamorous, then those ads will attract a hoard of patients. Unfortunately, you will only attract a very select group of people this way and you cannot afford to restrict yourself in this way.

Those that are fishermen amongst you will understand the following concept very well. If you don’t have the appropriate “bait” then you are not likely to attract anything! Most dental ads lack the “hook” factor. They have nothing in their ads to literally “hook” their prospective patients and draw them into your ad. The ads are not sufficiently enticing or compelling enough to draw your patients into them.

So what does one do about the lack of the “hook” factor? You just have to provide the answer to the following question in your ad: Why would a prospective patient come to see you over and above any other practice which provides a similar service?

Then make sure you put the answer to this question in your ad.

Now this is very different to “branding” where there is no differentiation and the message is not specific to your services or your prospective patients. Branding does not allow you to target a specific group of people. Often, it is this select group of people who are the most interested in your services – so why dilute the concentration of the possible effect of your ads.

Incorrect Media

As I teach in my seminars and in the information I provide for Dental Wealth Builder members, a majority of dentists jump a few very crucial stages of marketing when they start to place their advertising. It is because of this fact that many dental ads just do not work! It is impossible to even get a return on the money you invested in a particular ad by missing out on these steps.

A common problem is that we dentists simply like to follow protocol. We like to follow what I call “traditional advertising”. So if we see other dentists promoting their practice on radio for instance (and worse still if we are advised this by advisors who have no accountability or measurable means of ascertaining the effectiveness), then we go head and do advertising in this way. This is incorrect.

The only reason we would want to choose a particular form of media is because it will position our ads to be noticed by the appropriate people. There is no other reason, unless you have corporate or larger company objectives in mind. I do not believe small dental business owners can truly afford this type of marketing.

Too infrequent contact

It is very difficult for a prospective patient to see your ad once and decide to buy from you. In most cases, they need to be exposed to you (this means all your various forms of promotion) a number of times before they decide that they should pay you a visit. In fact, studies have revealed that prospects need to see a piece of promotional material for a minimum of seven times before they subconsciously register you as real and worth visiting.

However, what most dental advertising is all about is it appears between 1-3 times in a single place before the owners decide to give up and label that advertising ineffective.

Advertising is about the frequency of contact also. It’s about the exposure of your advertising in a multimedia way. Also there needs to be in place a good monitoring system which will allow you to determine what is going on with a certain ad.

Multiple expose of your advertising also allow you to develop a “print” relationship. This is when you have frequency of contact combined with a good informative (in plain English not dental jargon) piece of written advertising. Advertising, which allows your prospective patients to understand and realise that you are a caring professional which provides a superior service in a supportive and stress-free environment. Then when they come to see you, it is almost a continuation of this relationship. This will make “selling” dentistry so much easier.


In order to create effective, patient attracting ads there are a multiple of design criteria which must be taken into consideration. It is often the psychology behind the reason to advertise and the objectives behind it which should govern how to proceed with advertising and not leave your advertising to common traditional methods which have no accountability or proven track records as to their effectiveness. 

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VIDEO OF THE MONTH - CT Applications in Dentistry






                                                    Teeth Filled Without Pain .


Deseret News - Jul 11, 1896

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