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  • DentistryUnited @ in Top 100 Ranks  on GOOGLE

  • Laughter - The best Medicine

  • How to make your marketing money work harder than ever for you - Part 2

  • Dentistry students receive scholarships from Japan

  • VIDEO OF THE MONTH - Porcelain Veneers Part - 2

  • Powder Cleans And Whitens Tooth - As Nothing Else Can .
    Spokane Daily Chronicle - Sep 18, 1933                                          



Editorial :

      Dear Fellow Dentist,

As Napoleon Bonaparte started his  100-day re-conquest of France in 1815 and the World's 1st commercial cheese factory established, in Switzerland , lesser known name Levi Spear Parmly, a dentist from New Orleans started prescribing silk floss to his patients and waged a long time war against the oral interdental bacteria. The First  False/Prosthetic  teeth were patented in 1882 coinciding with the production of human-usable unwaxed silk floss by Codman and Shurtleft company. In 1888, B.T. Mason wrapped a fibrous material around a toothpick and dubbed it the 'combination tooth pick.&  as 1st telephone message from a submerged submarine, by Simon Lake commenced in 1898  ,Johnson & Johnson Corporation received the first patent for dental floss. In 1916, J.P. De L'eau invented a dental floss holder between two vertical poles. In 1935, F.H. Doner invented  'Y'-shaped angled Dental Floss Appliance. In 1963, James B. Kirby invented a tooth-cleaning device that resembles an archaic version of today's F-shaped floss pick.And today we have "Powered Floss" much like the "Vibratory Tooth Brush". I hope the practice management article in this issue helps you to floss out the errors and enhances your productivity and service


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Yours truly

Dr. Syed  Nabeel

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News :


DentistryUnited @ in Top 100 Ranks  on GOOGLE

Laughter - The Best Medicine :

At 5 P.M. one Halloween afternoon, my dental hygienist realized that she wouldn't make it to the store in time to get snacks for trick-or-treaters.  So she took home some free samples from the office supply cabinet.  That night she handed out dozens of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss.  The next year, although she had bags of chips and popcorn, not one child came knocking at her door





How to make your marketing money work harder than ever for you - Part 2  

Author: Dr. Bhavna Doshi  B.D.S Lon.


Dr Bhavna Doshi is an international lecturer, who has worked extensively with the National Media including Extreme Makeover UK.  She is the CEO of Dental WEALTH Builder, which primarily focuses on Practice Productivity, Cost-Effective Marketing and Growth Strategies

The life line of any practice


Drawing in new custom is actually the life line of any practice. And if we are to be successful at becoming well known for our services and advice to potential patients, then we need to implement our marketing plan with great care so as not to miss any opportune strategies.


The number one is an extremely disliked number in marketing. It implies the entire budget spent on one strategy. If that particular method didn’t work then we would have a negative return on investment. Our ability to attract new patients may diminish, which in turn will not allow you to grow as a practice. It often ends up tying you into a vicious circle, which many find very difficult to break away from.


For this reason embark upon as many strategies and techniques as your planning and budget will allow. Your marketing plan should work out all the possible ways you are going to reach your target audience and at what cost.

Marketing Plan 

  • Who is your target audience?

  • Why are they your target market?

  • What is your unique position?

  • How are you going to reach your market?

  • When are you going to implement the strategies?

  • Where are you going to implement the strategies?

  • How are you going to monitor the effectiveness of the methods you choose?

  • What are your backup plans?


Monitoring the effectiveness of the marketing plan


Your practice can incorporate a very simple system which denotes what source each new patient came from. This can be worked out on a monthly basis to keep you in touch with how effective your planning has been, especially if you don’t want to waste any further marketing money on something that isn’t generating any new custom.





E.g. If your marketing budget allowed you to spend £7000 on directory advertising and in one month you generated 100 patients from that lead ( source) then your cost per lead is £70.


The importance of this figure is to give you some useful information on how to set you fees and on what income you must generate from each new patient before you will see any profits. Other factors obviously come in to play such as running cost of each surgery, laboratory bills etc. However cost per lead is still a good marketing indicator and tool which gives you considerable information on how well you have invested.


There are many other simple strategies and ways of making your marketing investment count but target marketing is one of the easiest to implement because it does not take up much resource and its benefits are tremendous.  

In summary


Target marketing is a simple and very easy strategy to make sure all that you invest actually counts and works hard for you. This technique indirectly also will assist in increasing the number of patients accepting your recommendations, simply because you have cleverly attracted the right type of patients who want and need the services you offer within your unique position.


Target marketing allows you to efficiently generate leads of the most compatible nature.

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Dentistry students receive scholarships from Japan

SURABAYA: Ten students from Airlangga University's School of Dentistry in Surabaya received scholarships from a Japan's Anyaman Kasih Hiroshima Foundation on Tuesday.

The dean of the school, Ruslan Effendy, who handed over the scholarships Tuesday, said it was the third time the foundation had provided scholarships to students since 2008.

Ruslan said the 10 recipients were from economically disadvantaged families who excelled academically.

"Each student also receives 2,000 yen *US$22* during their study," he said.

The foundation, he added, entrusted the selection of the recipients to the school.

"It asks for a report on each student, including their academic achievement, before they are presented with the scholarships," Ruslan said. - JP


VIDEO OF THE MONTH - Porcelain Veneers Part 2










Powder Cleans And Whitens Tooth - As Nothing Else Can .

Spokane Daily Chronicle - Sep 18, 1933