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In this Issue:

  • Editorial

  • News

  • DentistryUnited @ Rank 3 on GOOGLE

  • Laughter - The best Medicine

  • Gingivitis my Decrease Sperm Count

  • ClassOne Orthodontics Announces Revolutionary New Orthodontic Product Line Proven To   Dramatically Improve Oral Hygiene: SeLECT Defense™

  • Dentists Are Said Prepared To Treat Wounded Of War - March 18 1942 under Construction

Editorial :

      Dear Fellow Dentist,

                                          I wish all of you a happy , prosperous and productive New Year - 2009 . In this issue we see a lot of new things - from a new cancer screening system to the application of nasal spray in maxillary anesthesia and a new interventional CT scanner for dental implants. From Gingivitis and periodontitis relationship with the sperm count to the making of a new product by an orthodontic company to revolutionalise our practices. Since its a new year first edition I thought it is appropriate to speak bout the advancements in our profession rather than remind bout the bad recession times which has virtually monopolized our practices .And at the end do read the archieve from 1943 -world war I I  Era .

I hope you enjoy this issue.

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Yours truly

Dr. Syed  Nabeel

Editor of Dental Follicle & WebMaster




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Laughter - The Best Medicine :

A patient walked in a dental college and hospital for Polishing and Fluoride application . He looked around and saw all the graduate students surrounding him wearing glasses. He asked a pupil.....
Is it a prerequisite that every BDS student should have a poor eye-sight!
(It took time for the budding dentist to convey him that all of them were wearing safety glasses)




Gingivitis May Decrease Sperm Count

                The to British Dental Health Foundation has announced that infertile men or men with lower sperm count tend to suffer from gingivitis . Dr.Nigel Carter the chief of foundation has expressed  ‘Brushing your teeth may not sound sexy, but this study shows its importance to male fertility."

                The study conducted by the Bikur Holim Hospital, Jerusalem, and the Hebrew University Hadassah School of Dental Medicine found that more than half the men with low sperm counts or no sperm at all displayed developed gum disease. Half of the sample who had no sperm count had chronic periodontal Disease.














Select Defence in maintainance of better Oral hygiene in Orthodontics Patients

               "SELECT Defense" is the next big thing in the world of orthodontics .The Oral hygiene issues concerning us and the patietnts during orthodontic treatment may be reduced with the application of this new product from Class 1 Orthodontics.  Select Defense is used to coat the brackets , ligature ties etc which in turn reduces the plaque  deposition .

ClassOne received FDA clearance in July 2008 to market SELECT Defense.




Dentists Are Said Prepared To Treat Wounded Of War - March 18 1942

The above link takes you to a press release a member of the ABO , where in he says how dentists can treat the facial wounds of the people injured in the world war II .