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  • DentistryUnited @ Rank 3 on GOOGLE

  • Laughter - The best Medicine


  • Straumann Cuts Dental Implant Production

  • Oral health history used in heart screens

  • NEW METHODS IN DENTISTRY.; Use of Porcelain in the Filling of Teeth and Analysis of Saliva Demonstrated at Chicago. - The 1903 view under Construction

Editorial :

      Dear Fellow Dentist,

                            Gold , Silver Amalgam , Ceramics, Compostites, GlassIonomers and more options available for us today  at our practices . Another 100 years and possibly another 100 materials to restore the molars.Every study and every clinical trial done by dentists across the globe on different race of humans  @ various times in history has served as a hope for better services in coming times. I had mentioned in my previous editorial bout my concern for dental research at the private practice level across the globe and recieved a lot many support mails. I wish to take this ahead in this issue by giving you another link to a news paper article way back in 1903 , which indicates the dentist's of those times working hard to make something different and how in this age of information technology we can do it in a easier way. I invite suggestions to make this idea of  making a worldwide pool for private practitioners to contribute their findings and make life easier for dentists as well as patients in times to come.

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Yours truly

Dr. Syed  Nabeel

Editor of Dental Follicle & WebMaster




          DentistryUnited Ranks 3 on Google  for key word "Dentistry"



Laughter - The Best Medicine :

An elderly patient went to have her teeth checked.
"Mrs. Hopgood, your teeth are good for the next 50 years." the dentist beamed.
To which she replied, "What will they do without me?"







The initiative of the India International Dental Congress (IIDC) is to bring about sharing across all dental specialties and thereby “Enhancing Talent with Innovation”.

IIDC 2007 served as a preview to multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary dentistry with an exposure to world specialty leaders. This inaugural meeting of the IIDC met with an astounding success, thanks to all the fraternity support.

The positive feedback and inputs from the participants have led to the new design of the 2nd IIDC which will now have a focus on "GLOBAL ENDODONTICS AND ESTHETICS" to facilitate an in-depth exposure to the know-how of the latest advances in the fields from the maestros themselves.

It with great pleasure and pride that I invite the dental faternity from across the globe to the 2nd IIDC to be held in Mumbai from 6th Februaty to 8th February 2009.

This interactive learning experience promises to be enjoyable and fruitful and the enthralling social events will help you revitalize!                                








Straumann Cuts Dental Implant Production

          Straumann in a press release revealed bout cutting the employee time inorder to cut the implant production. This is one of the

 indication of the global economic meltdown's direct affect on the dental industry. This could be the indirect effect of the empty dental

clinics across the globe.






Oral health history used in heart screens


   U. S . Scientists In a report published in American Journal Of Cardiology advised that oral history may be helpful in detecting the cardiac diseases.Oral history may be helpful in diagnosing a lot many systemic problems like caridac and diabetes as the initial symptims appear first in the mouth .


NEW METHODS IN DENTISTRY.; Use of Porcelain in the Filling of Teeth and Analysis of Saliva Demonstrated at Chicago. - The 1903 view

Click the above link too see what our forefathers did to make our lives easier today at practice