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  • Laughter - The best Medicine

  • Ranks at Number 4 on Google

  • Osteoporosis detectable with dental software

  • Market research shows small-Diameter Dental Implants increasingly popular in the United States

  • Now you can hear Dental Caries

  • Dentists are conservative - prefer Obama over Clinton

Editorial :

      I am sure all of you wondering why this Issue was delayed. The number of hits that the November issue generated was amazing. I guess Marco Iorio's case was one of the highest ever read article since in Dental Follicle. The January issue will be soon out . I welcome more people to contribute their cases here.

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News :




Laughter - The Best Medicine :

Why did the Dentist say to the Stockbroker?
It looks like you have gone long in the tooth.


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Osteoporosis detectable with dental software

The University of Manchester's Dr Hugh Devlin, Dr Jim Graham, Dr Danny Allen and Professor Keith Horner have developed a new X-Ray that can detect Osteoporosis by routene dental X-ray by using their software Osteodent.

The University was granted 1.4m in 2003 to conduct the study on 670 woman X-Rays in UK , Sweden , Belgium and Greece.

 The University of Manchester will be commercialising it in association with the swedish company Crebone AB for the rights to sell the software until 2010 . KaVo ,in its aim to improve disgnostic skills of dentists  is currently undertaking an audit project using Osteodent software.


Market research shows small-Diameter Dental Implants increasingly popular in the United States

Dental Implants of 3mm Diameter or less are more popular than of higher diameter says a research by Millennium Research Group's US Dental Marketrack.

The US market for small-diameter dental implants grew more than 30% in 2007, Presently the market capitalization  for Smaller Diameter Implants in United states is  over $20 million , which is 30% growth compared to the previous year. The increasing number of general dentists  incorporating dental implants into their list of services has contributed significantly to the rising sales of small-diameter dental implants.Patient preference to smaller diameter Dental Implants due to relatively less chair time and cost effectiveness has been a contributing factor.

Now you can hear Dental Caries

Now you can hear dental Caries !!! , No ! its no joke! nor your eyes are stressed. you read it right - now you can hear dental caries. Kavo has developed a new caries detection device "DIAGNOdent". The DIAGNOdent delivers an audible sound when caries is detected as well as a visual numerical readout quantifying the level of caries present in the tooth.The DIAGNOdent detects caries by using  laser fluorescence to measure changes in the tooth structure caused by caries.It also helps to detect subgingival calculus.For more information, contact KaVo at (888) ASK-KAVO (888-275-5286888-275-5286) or visit KaVo.


Dentists are conservative - prefer Obama over Clinton

Dentists are typically perceived as conservative - and the results of a recent  survey shows that two out of three dentists plan to vote for the Republican party in this year's presidential election. Among Democratic dentists, two thirds prefer Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton. Male dentists in this survey tended to favor the Republican party, while female dentists leaned toward the Democrats.