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  • Taiwan’s first tooth bank opened

  • Green Tea - Now Good for Teeth

  •  Periodontal History An Added Advantage in Diagnosing Caridac Ailments under Construction

Editorial :

      Dear Fellow Dentist,

                           I hope when you visit your own like million of others do for news on dentistry, you seldom come across a similar headline "Periodontics linked to diabetes" ; "Periodontics linked to Heart" ; "Periodontics as a diagnostic tool" ; - I believe the most vast and diverse application of dentistry is  going to be in the field of Periodontics.Infact I strongly believe that every General Dentist should have a minimum number of  CDE credits per year in the field of Periodontics . General Dentists who make the back bone of dental practice worldwide can make a lot of contribution towards Periodontal and associated systemic R & D . If even 10% of General Dentists contribute their findings to the global fraternity , we can hope to see a revolution in our lifetimes , in  the way Periodontics is going to  be perceived not only by other health professionals but also by dental patients which is possibly 99.99% of adult world population"

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Yours truly

Dr. Syed  Nabeel

Editor of Dental Follicle & WebMaster



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Laughter - The Best Medicine :

Young lady to father "Daddy, when I grow up shall I become a heart-doctor or a tooth-doctor "

Dentist" "Why father ?" "We have only one heart, but 32 teeth!"














IIDC 2007 has continued to grow in popularity as a key meeting held in Mumbai in February 2007 drawing record number of delegates from cross section of the country and abroad to a comprehensive educational conference and a trade show packed with the latest product developments on offer for the dental profession.


IIDC 2009 to be held at the Nehru Centre, Mumbai from February 06th – 08th 2009 with a special focus on “Global Endodontics and Esthetics” in order to encourage knowledge share with current global changes in this field. World-renowned speakers from across the globe have been chosen for their expertise in Endodontics and Esthetic Dentistry. The Congress will also feature an interactive Trade exhibition where manufacturers, developers and global leaders in Oral Health Care Products will showcase the latest innovations in the field.


·         World Renowned Speakerschapters in the 8th Edition of Pathways of the Pulp:  “Cleaning & Shaping the Root Canal System” and “Nonsurgical Endodontic Retreatment”.

·         Well known internationally for providing superb endodontic education through his lectures, clinical articles, training manuals, videos and DVDs.

In addition to his clinical and educational activities, Ruddle has designed & invented several instruments that are widely used internationally.


Dr Clifford Ruddle:

·         Founder & Director of Advanced Endodontics®

·         Fellow in both the American and International Colleges of Dentistry.

·         Assistant Professor of Graduate Endodontics at Loma Linda University and University of California, Los Angeles

·         Associate Clinical Professor at University of California, San Francisco,

·         Adjunct Assistant Professor of Endodontics at University of the Pacific, School of Dentistry.



For a more detailed information visit



Dr. Urs Brodbeck:

·                     Private practice in Dental Clinic North-Zurich, Zurich/Switzerland

·                     Specialist SSO/SSRD for Reconstructive Dentistry

·                     Member of the Swiss Society of Reconstructive Dentistry

·                     Freelance, Education  for Full Ceramics and Aesthetic Dentistry world-


·                     Graduated from Dental Education, University of Zurich Dental School and

            completed Postgraduate Program, Department of Crown and Bridge           Prosthodontics and Dental Materials, University of Zurich Dental School in 1990

·                     Specialist SSO/SSRD for Reconstructive Dentistry  Department of Crown             and Bridge Prosthodontics and Dental Materials, University of Zurich     Dental School

·                     Associate professor, Department for Preventive Dentistry, Periodontology and Cariology PPK University of Zurich Dental School

Dr. Holger Dennhardt

·                     Specialist in Endodontics and Periodontics

·                     Lecture in Endodontics and Microsurgery internationally

·                     Chairperson of the private office -Praxis Zahnheilkunde in Landshut         / Germany

Dr. Sushil Koirala

·                     Founding president of the Vedic Institute of Smile Aesthetics (VISA) and   South Asian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.

·                     Has developed the “Vedic Smile Concept”, the “Smile Design Wheel” and             various other clinical techniques for direct cosmetic restorations.

Authored “A Clinical Guide to Direct Cosmetic Restorations with Giomer”   published by Dental Tribune International GmbH, German









Taiwan’s first tooth bank opened

The First Tooth Bank was opened  by Taipei Medical university in cooperation with the Hiroshima University in Japan.The tooth bank will be a source of harvesting stem cells . The teeth may be stored with the intention of preserving them for transplantation purposes. Hiroshima University’s own tooth bank has seen a success rate of 87 percent for implanting natural teeth. The extracted tooth can be preserved upto 40 years  @ minus 130ºC to minus 196ºC  ,at a price of 40,000NT$/2years.




Green Tea - Now Good for Teeth
A study conducted on Green Tea vs Black Tea has suggested that Green tea to be of superior to dental health. Mohamed A Bassiouny, iethe chief author says "When we look at tea and read about the benefits, it is amazing -- not because green tea is the in thing -- but because there are advantages;  in countries such as Japan and Europe, found that green tea was identified to being superior over black due to its natural flavonoids (plant nutrients) and antioxidants.

As most of dentists come across the severs erosion cases associated with the high consumption of soft drinks green tea could act as a home made , cost effective , relishing source of lessening the acidic burden on the Enamel. ."This study clearly shows that brewed teas resulted in dramatically less enamel loss than soft drinks and acidic juices.




 Periodontal History An Added Advantage in Diagnosing Caridac Ailments

Researchers atColumbia University Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Hospital published online in the American Journal of Cardiology, said the group might not be detected by traditional cardiovascular risk screening. With many such reports coping up day by day Dentists need to look at their patients with a wider perspective . As the classic saying at our dental school goes " Don't treat the teeth , but treat the patient " .