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  • DTU Bridge - case presentation Created by: Dr. Shahrokh Dabiri. DDS.

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      I am sure all of you wondering why this Issue was delayed. The number of hits that the November issue generated was amazing. I guess Marco Iorio's case was one of the highest ever read article since in Dental Follicle. The January issue will be soon out . I welcome more people to contribute their cases here.

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Laughter - The Best Medicine :

Patient to Dentist: "How much to get my teeth straightened?"
"Twenty thousand bucks" Patient heads for the door.
Dentist to patient: "Where are you going?"
"To a plastic surgeon to get my mouth bent."


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DTU Bridge - case presentation
 Dr. Shahrokh Dabiri. DDS.


I have installed this DTU bridge (pictures below)  in Dec. 2002 and still it is working.
(DTU stands for: Dabiri Tehran University)



The case below was an ideal case for a DTU bridge. Also the Maxilary first premolar had an old Amalgam filling that I could use as a DTU key box!

As you see on the picture below, I have removed the Amalgam filling to use it as a DTU key box. There is an important point here; I finished cutting the Maxilary left Mollar But befor getting my final impression I have partially filled the premoler by composite!
This way I made a shalow depth composite filling that the further DTU rest should lay over it.

On the pictures below you see the DTU metalic frame, my lab technician has made.
Always I ask my lab to block out any possible overhang on the key rest cavity thus the DTU rest/key should easily get sit on its position.

I checked the frame on my patient teeth. it easily got sit.

Already the DTU rest, you see on the pictures above, almost looks like an inlay but this is not what I want, I do remodel the rest. Always I reduce the size of the key/rest by a cutting disk. On Buccolingual direction and also from ending side of the key, I always reduce the metalic key size to be sure the second layer of composite fuses with the first layer!  I should sandwich the DTU key among two layers of composite!


In fact, after that remodeling, the metalic rest should look like a loose key inside the abutment cavity. See the pictrue below;

The bridge above is ready for cementation.
I do clean the Premolar box carefully then add a very small drop of self cureing glassinomer cement on the cavity floor, while my assistant fills the crown with a proper cement (we should move fast). Immediately I should install the DTU bridge on the teeth then I remove the possible excess glassinomer by a proper tool (instead of that selfcure glassinomer, also we can use a very small piece of "Dual cure or selfcure" composite but we should have etched the cavity before). after cementing the bridge on the teeth, the last stage will be full filling the premolar by composite, or we must completely cover the metalic rest by comosite!  
See the finished DTU bridge, on the picture below;

The Post Op Panorex.