Turns 10 year old . 2004-2014

We are thankful to our subscribers , friends, followers , likes from the days of yahoo groups to facebook. DentistryUnited has been continuously striving to make dental information available to all dentists from across the globe for a decade now.We @ DentistryUnited believe – knowledge shared is knowledge gained. We have been receiving appreciation calls to messages from across the globe for our activities on facebook .

On our tenth anniversary we are happy to announce  the launching the DentistryUnited e-continuing education platform. You will see the promos soon on social media.

Dentists from across the disciplines , across the countries who have excellent communication skills and knowledge could be a part of this program.

How you could be a part of this program?

Write us your interest in sharing your knowledge to and we will get back to you soon.

A new initiative by DentistryUnited.

FREE Dental Education,

By the dentists  –  To the dentists,