Clinical Endodontics Tips – Blogs by Mohammad Hammo

Clinical Endodontics Tips – Blogs by Mohammad Hammo


Dr. Mohammad Hammo Graduated from Jordan University in 1992 (BDS), and continued his higher education in Endodontics in saint-Joseph University in Lebanon 2001( DESE). Dr. Hammo has been lecturing locally and globally (more than 60 international conference in Amman, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt , Sudan, Dubai, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq,   Libya, Erbil, France, USA, India).To his credit he also as many publications in differenf scientific journals. He owns the Hammo Endodontic Clinics in Amman, additionally he is a consultant endodontist in Qatar. He is the President of Scientific Committee of Jordan Dental Association, and also he is serving as the director of Endodontic Program in British Academy of Implant and Restorative Dentistry ( BAIRDS) . Dr. Hammo has been one of the most active endodontists on the Facebook. He has thousands of followers across the globe. He has been the virtual mentor for many clinicians by virtue of his case sharing on the social media.

The Following are the Season 1 Tips for the year 2015


  1. The Irrigation Tip
  2. Files Taper vs GP Taper
  3. Read and analyze X rays carefully
  4. Prepare One Canal At A Time
  5. When to use Manual Files
  6. Find The Lateral Canal
  7. MTA or Guttapercha – For Obturation
  8. Blocked Canals Management
  9. Root Resorption Management
  10. Curvature and Number 10 K file
  11. The Broken Files
  12. Perforation at Apical Third
  13. One Root at a Time
  14. The Access Cavity
  15. The Broken Files- 2
  16. When in doubt, use the CBCT


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