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ProBiora3® Reduces incidence of Dental Decay – Study

Oragenics (NYSE: OGEN) announced the successful completion of an independent study evaluating the effects of a chewable tablet containing ProBiora3, in early childhood development of dental caries in preschool children living in low socioeconomic, multicultural areas.The study was conducted under the guidance of Professor Svante Twetman, . The study employed a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled design consisting of 138 healthy children ranging from two to three years in age. The children were placed into groups that were administered once a day either chewable tablets containing ProBiora3® or a placebo tablet. In conjunction with this study, parents were further instructed to thoroughly brush the children’s teeth in each group twice daily with fluoride toothpaste. Study duration was one year with 66% compliance.Overall, the ProBiora3® administered group observed statistically significant lower dental caries increments than in the placebo group, 0.2 vs. 0.8 (p<0.05).


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Aesthetic Crown Lengthening

The Dentist – Sportstar

The Dentist – Sportstar

At the coffee break as I was browsing thru ,I came across this very intersting inspiring-dentist and sportstar.Click the picture to read the entire article .             Screenshot_2015-10-28-18-32-26_1

The Changing Dental Practice

The Changing Dental Practice


Not very long ago, dentistry in the subcontinent was merely meant drilling, filling and pulling .

In the last 3-4 years the revolution in dental industry has been by leaps and bounds. Periodontal surgeries , especially the root coverage procedures to bone augmentation surgeries have become a routine in most of the busy practices. We are not sure if ” one skill” oriented subjects like orthodontics , endodontics or implants would sell with the private practitioners.

The changing trend in the practice has forced most CDE providers to think beyond and come up with more intensive training sessions.

Suggestions are invited by our readers to send us , what they feel should make the curriculum of the 2016 CDE program . Turns 10 year old . 2004-2014 Turns 10 year old . 2004-2014 Turns 10 year old . 2004-2014