International Dental Implantolgy Training Programme

International Dental Implantolgy Training Programme

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International Dental Implantolgy Training Programme




 Chief Mentor ( Surgical) :  Dr. Ehtaihsham BDS, MDS, ( OSMF)

MBBS ( Newzealand),MS ( Clinical Surgery – Spain ) ,

MS ( Microvascular Surgery – France-Spain) , (PHD)

 Chief Mentor (Prosthetics) : Dr. Fayaz Pasha BDS MDS, Fellowship and Diplomat ICOI , Prosthodontist and Implantologist

Dr. Sufiyan Kalekhan  BDS MDS , Prosthodontist and Implantologist

Course Coordinator : Dr Syed Nabeel


Course fee : Rs.89,500/-

Module 1 Date : 21-22-23 July


The program is unique and first of its kind in India.

The Program will be in two Levels.

Level 1  – Basic Implantology

Level 2 – Advanced Implantology


Fully Equipped State of the art center.

It will consist of three modules.

The program is unique from any other program.The venue is state of the art CDE center with all facilities including OPG and CBCT. The Program has three Specialist faculty Members and  two Clinical Instructors. Each Participant dentist will place two implants under the guidance of faculty members. The participant will have the opportunity to assist the Clinical Instructors in their private practices in Bengaluru. The clinical Instructors would also be available  as consultants to the dental clinics in Bengaluru and Mysuru Dentists. This mentor-ship during the course of the program will give you better insight into implantology.

Programme will be consisting of 3 modules.


The Three modules of 3 days each to be conducted in Bengaluru (Implant fellowship course)

 Module 1 

Introduction to Dental implants

Basic Science

 Surgical Anatomy

Diagnosis and treatment planning

Components of Implants


Pre prosthetic evaluation

Hands on:  Implant Placement on dummy mandibles   Fabrication of stents   Suturing techniques

Module 2 

Surgical module – Sterilization

Surgical Steps

Patient preparation & surgical protocol and techniques

Clinical work: Placement of dental implants on patients (2 Implants to be placed by participants)

Module 3

Prosthetic module – Prosthetic Components

Impression  Techniques

Transfer of components and lab procedure

Abutment selection and milling



follow up and maintenance

                      Clinical work:  Impression making and transfers,   Abutment selection and milling, Try in procedures and cementation

Level 2 Course will have separate fee and curriculam for the dentists who qualify Level 1

Registration: Please register for the course by transferring Rs.5000/- to

Remaining Fee To be Paid at the commencement of course


Current a/c : 08511131001573

IFSC : ORBC0100851


Dental Implant Program

Dental Implant Program

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DentistryUnited Academy will be launching its maiden Implants program in Bangalore this July.

The program will be in 3 contact sessions of 3 days each for Basic Implantology.

The program will be unique and first of its kind where every participant will have an opportunity to work with the mentor during the 6 months period ( in private practice with the mentor for atleast 10 complete cases). This would give them immense exposure to clinical cases during these 6 months.

The detailed program will be out soon.

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Easy Efficient Molar Endodontics – CDE

Easy Efficient Molar Endodontics – CDE

DentistryUnited Academy is happy to announce 2 days program in Endodontics :



Topics :

Diagnosis and Case Selection

Tips on Access Cavity Preparation

Shaping and Cleaning – Hand vs Rotary

Endodontic Irrigation Protocols

Apex Locators

Intracanal Medicaments

Various Rotary Endodontics systems

Obturation Techniques

Problem Solving in Endodontics


Faculty : Dr. Shiraz Pasha MDS

 Dates : 14th and 15th July 2017

Time : 10:30am – 5:00pm

Location : Mysore

Fee : 18900/-

Fee includes Work-time Lunch/Snacks

For Details call : +91-98451 06626

Register by Transferring Rs. 5000/- online 

A/c – 0851131001573

IFSC : ORBC0100851



Upcoming Dental Courses in Bengaluru

Upcoming Dental Courses in Bengaluru



DentistryUnited Academy will be coming up with skill enhancement courses in Dental Implantology.

These courses are in additional to the existing courses in Orthodontics and Endodontics.

The courses will be launched in Bengaluru

DentistryUnited Academy :Fixed Orthodontics – 8 modules Program

DentistryUnited Academy :Fixed Orthodontics – 8 modules Program


This course is designed in eight modules . Each module in the interval of 45 days .
Please feel free to contact  for more information. This program is open to all Dentists with basic knowledge of Orthodontics taught in the graduate program .


New Batch Every Month

Location : Mysore , India

Fee : Rupees 1,18,000/-


Development of normal Dentition
Malocclusion etiology and classification

History taking  extra oral and intra oral examination
Diagnostic records  includes written records , radiographs, models , ceph, photos etc

Practicals/Clinicals :

  • Case analysis including model and cephalometry .
  • Methods of separation and types of separators.
  • Instruments and instrumentation
  • Banding
  • Bonding
  • Arch wire recognizing and types of arch wires.



Module 2:

Treatment planning. Removable and fixed orthodontics appliances – basic, philosophy and different

Fixed appliance. Straight arch wire and MBT technique.



  • Materials of arch wires
  • Placement of lacebacks
  • Bend backs and cinching of arch wires.
  • Nitinol compressed coil spring.


Module 3:

History of fixed orthodontics

Evolution of fixed orthodontics systems



  • Placement of crimp able hooks
  • Preparation of tma,rnha .
  • Soldering
  • Deboning of metal and ceramic brackets
  • HANT


Module 4 :

The transition from standard edgewise to the PEA system

Treatment mechanics

Appliance selection

Case set up

Practicals/Clinicals :

Case discussions and relevant wire bending

Module 5

Anchorage control during leveling and aligning

Management of overjet

Practicals/Clinicals :

Case discussions and relevant wire bending


Module 6:

Management of overbite

Practicals/Clinicals :

Case discussions and relevant wire bending


Module 7 :

Space closure procedures

Practicals :

Case discussions and relevant wire bending


Module 8:

Finishing and detailing

Retention and relapse

Practicals/Clinicals :

Case discussions and demonstration of delivering fixed retention.


The course is designed in eight modules . Each module in the interval of 45 days .
Please feel free to contact  for more information. Call us on +91-96633-76453


3 days orthodontic program for denitsts already practicing Orthodontics.

3 days orthodontic program for denitsts already practicing Orthodontics.



3 Days Orthodontics Refinement Course For Dentists Already Practicing Orthodnotics.

Location: Mysore

May Third Week 2016

Fee  : INR 36950/-



Highlights: The Course Includes – Seminars, Case discussions, Demonstrations . Fee Includes worktime lunch and high tea.

Scope of the Course

  1. Diagnosis and Case Selection
  2. The detailed discussion with the patient and guardian
  3. Recording and management of case sheets
  4. The patient care kit
  5. Patients duties during treatment
  6. Cephalometry
  7. Model Analysis
  8. Methods of separation
  9. Preformed band selection
  10. Bonding tips
  11. Orthodontic inventory in your office
  12. Which wire to use when
  13. When to change wire – Niti vs SS
  14. Gradual change from round to rectangular wire
  15. Methods of tooth derotation
  16. Tips on tooth intrusion
  17. Tips on tooth extrusion
  18. Getting a palatally placed lateral incisor out
  19. When to extract
  20. Which not to extract
  21. Orthodontic treatment for cases with clinically missing tooth/teeth
  22. Tips on disimpaction of teeth
  23. The right method of retraction
  24. Anchorage control
  25. Measurement of force
  26. When to use and not-use the most misused – power chain
  27. Space closure tips
  28. The Midline management – Importance of lower midline
  29. Debanding and debonding
  30. Retainers and retention
  31. The detailing tricks
  32. Mixed dentition treatment – the precautions
  33. Adult orthodontics – cases to be refer to higher centers.
  34. Adjunctive orthodontics
  35. Patient recall and importance of recall visits
  36. Tips in class 1
  37. Tips in class 2 – Div 1 and Div 2
  38. Tips in class 3
  39. Retreatment cases
  40. Best practices


For more details call is on +91 9663376453 / email :