Align Technology celebrates six millionth Invisalign patient

Align Technology reaches six millionth Invisalign patient 

The company have announced that over six million patients have begun treatment with Invisalign, which include 1.4 million teenage patients.

The six millionth Invisalign patient, Yuzhe is a 12 year-old Chinese student who began treatment in October 2018 with Dr Jiawei Wo using Invisalign Comprehensive with mandibular advancement treatment.

Joe Hogan, Align Technology president and CEO said: ‘We are delighted to be celebrating another significant milestone with Invisalign trained doctors and their patients.

Align Technology founded by Zia Chishti &, Kelsey Wirth in the year 1997, is a manufacturer of 3D digital scanners and clear aligners used in orthodontics. It is headquartered in San Jose, California; it manufactures the aligners in Juarez, Mexico and its scanners in Israel.

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