3D Printing in Dentistry 2018: A Ten-Year Forecast and Opportunity Analysis

In 2017, 3D printing went mainstream in the dental industry. A number of high profile business ventures and acquisitions have continued to propel dental applications utilizing 3D printing technologies firmly into the sights of the largest dental services and solutions providers in the world. As the additive industry continues to transition, as a whole, towards manufacturing applications, the growth path for most existing polymer print technologies has faltered somewhat by historical comparison. This has allowed for well established, high value applications in healthcare to really shine and earn major focus of stakeholders in the industry.

Dentists worldwide continue to leverage digital workflows and manufacturing processes, having long since identified that digital dentistry represents the future of the industry. Indeed, 3D printing is well positioned to become the leading digital process in dental fabrication worldwide given its flexibility in efficient and accurate production of everything from dental models, to orthodontic aligners, to PFM restorations, to denture frameworks and beyond.

This third dedicated study expands coverage to consider the greater transformative potential of 3D printing in dentistry, which is in better enabling dental treatment by bringing personalized device fabrication closer to the point of care in the dentist’s office. Included in this comprehensive report are the following:

  • Ten-year 3D printing opportunity and market data forecasts in volume and value terms. These cover hardware, materials, software, and services
  • Expanded market data to include key metrics at a country level, better capturing the cultural attitudes towards advanced digital dental care and approaches to implementation
  • Expanded market data to include key metrics by end-user profile, including dental caregivers and dental laboratories/production centers
  • An updated version of the innovative “Comprehensive Guide to Dental 3D Printing Solutions” which features the most complete evaluation of available dental printers and materials

The latest trailing twelve month activity and competitive analysis to reflect the rapidly evolving landscape in which major dental providers are now interfacing directly with printer manufacturers, materials companies, and solutions developers

All in all, this is the most extensive exploration of where the opportunities will be found in additive manufactured dental products in the next decade.  It will be regarded as essential reading for everyone in the value chain for 3D-printed products.



BEGO, XYZprinting and Nexa3D form strategic partnership for 3D Printers

BEGO, the leading provider of digital and traditional dental materials, 3D printers and services together with XYZprinting, the world’s leading desktop 3D printer brand, and Nexa3D, the maker of ultra-fast Stereolithography professional-grade 3D printers, announced a groundbreaking three-way partnership designed to transform digital dentistry and successfully access this multi-billion dollar opportunity.

Under this agreement, BEGO will exclusively market and sell, under its own label, a special-purpose, high-speed Nexa3D dental printer that will be solely manufactured by XYZprinting. BEGO will also market and sell other XYZprinting products under its label, all supplied with BEGO’s most advanced digital materials. Nexa3D will exclusively develop the required technology and products for this partnership.

“This comprehensive three-way strategic alliance is designed to accelerate dental market access to affordable industrial grade 3D printing solutions globally,” says XYZprinting CEO Simon Shen. “We believe that cutting-edge digital materials coupled with precision, speed and top-quality manufactured products are the name of the game in the world of digital dentistry. We are honored to be part of such a powerfull alliance with BEGO and Nexa3D and to together transform digital dentistry as we know it.”

“For decades, BEGO has been pioneering digital dentistry through our leading digital materials, our expertise in dental fabrication techniques, print services and, more recently, our very own 3D printer Varseo that has already become an industry favorite, says BEGO’s Managing Partner Christoph Weiss. “Today, we are taking another significant step toward making professional dental printing affordable and fast thanks to this important partnership with complementary expertise and technologies.”

“This powerful three-way partnership is sure to change the face of digital dentistry as we know it,” says Nexa3D Executive Chairman Avi Reichental. “The BEGO 3D printers that we will jointly bring to market are powered by Nexa3D’s proprietary Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) technology and a patented structured light matrix capable of reaching top speeds of 1 cm per minute. This can drastically cut down 3D printing cycles — from hours to minutes — literally transforming the cycle and economics for the dental industry.”

The three partner companies expect to achieve full commercial status during the second half of 2018.


Dental Implant QSP – Bangalore

We are happy to bring the Dental Implant Quick Start Program for Foreign trained dentists / International dentists,  in Bangalore.

The course is structured for your needs with the maximum participants to 2 per batch.  The course is more  of a 3 day mentor-ship for 1 or 2 dentists travelling from abroad to learn fundamentals of dental Implantology. After the course the Faculty will be available for any guidance through social media or email for the benefit of the participating dentist.

Location : Bangalore , INDIA

Dates : 2nd week of every month.

Fee : 1000 US$

Call us on +91 96321-82942

Faculty : Dr. M.Ali is a well known fraternity in the field of Dental Implantology . After graduating from  Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, He completed his Clinical Mastership in Oral Implantology from State University of New York @ Stony Brook School of dental medicine, USA. Additionally he has also completed a one year online externship from DentalXp USA. He has been a Fellow of ICOI and member of IDA. He maintains a successful Implant practice in Bangalore.



The Introductory module will give an introduction to implant dentistry. This QSP module of Dentistry United Academy  gives clinician a high Level of confidence to kick start their First step towards their implant practice.


  • Anatomy of area of Implant Placement
  • Armamentarium of implant & its usage
  • Implant Classification
  • Incision Techniques and & different flap designs
  • Suturing techniques
  • Case Selections & Treatment Plan
  • Medical risk factors in implant Treatment
  • Investigations required for an Implant Case
  • Clinical Case documentation and its SOP
  • Sterilization protocols and Following of asepsis Protocols


The second module consists of implants placement and making aware of various implant system available in the market

  • Simple case of placement of implant
  • How to place immediate implants
  • Socket preservation Techniques
  • Single tooth Ridge expansion using Bone expanders
  • what variety of Bone graft Material to be used
  • Surgical sterilization protocols


This module is dedicated to implant prosthodontics on patients 

  • Prosthodontic aspects of Implant fixture & abutment selection for different cases
  • Impression techniques:open tray vs closed tray
  • How to communicate with the laboratory for support
  • Provisionals of single tooth implant in case of anterior teeth
  • Post restoration of Implants & How do we go about?
  • Prosthetic treatment options for fully edentulous arches


Implant Oclussion

  • When to load an implant & what are the SOP to be Followed


Register by sending us a request email or by filling up the form



Aligners – The Big Market

Align Technology is a medical device provider focused on malocclusion or teeth misalignment condition. Currently, around 60%–75% of the total world population is affected by this condition.

While ten million people in developed markets seek treatment from orthodontists every year, half of them suffer from mild to moderate malocclusion, which is the target market for Align Technology’s Invisalign system. Around 100 million people in the world prefer to straighten their teeth at home using clear aligner technology. This doctor-directed home market is also a major growth opportunity for Align Technology.

In 2016, the Clear Aligner segment reported revenues of close to $958.3 million, which made up 89% of the company’s total revenues. The Clear Aligner segment’s revenues are further categorized into a comprehensive product and non-comprehensive product revenues.

Comprehensive products involve Invisalign Full, Invisalign Teen, and Invisalign Assist product lines. While Invisalign Full consists of the set of aligners required by dentists, Invisalign Teen includes additional features suitable for teenage patients.

Notably, the Core S&P Mid-Cap ETF (IJH) has about 0.67% of its total portfolio holdings in Align Technology.


Dental Implant Program

Dental Implant Program

IMG_20170616_011821 (1)

DentistryUnited Academy will be launching its maiden Implants program in Bangalore this July.

The program will be in 3 contact sessions of 3 days each for Basic Implantology.

The program will be unique and first of its kind where every participant will have an opportunity to work with the mentor during the 6 months period ( in private practice with the mentor for atleast 10 complete cases). This would give them immense exposure to clinical cases during these 6 months.

The detailed program will be out soon.

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